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London fire: Several killed , Grenfell Tower engulfed

A few people have kicked the bucket and more than 50 are in healing facility after an immense fire seethed during that time at a west London tower hinder, a fire boss says.

Onlookers said they saw individuals caught inside the consuming Grenfell Tower, in north Kensington, shouting for help, and yelling for their kids to be spared.

Firefighters, still at the scene, safeguarded "huge numbers" of occupants.

The 24-story square, now smoking remains, takes a gander at danger of giving way.

Onlookers said they saw lights - thought to be cell phones or lights - blazing at the highest point of the piece of pads, and caught occupants going to their windows - some holding kids.

The Met Police has set up a crisis number on 0800 0961 233 for anybody worried about companions or family.



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